Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sweet Bedtime Memories

Once upon a time there was a little curly haired girl named Abigail who loved to read stories at bedtime. Her mom would snuggle into her little bed with her and they would read story after story. She particularly love one named When Momma Comes Home Tonight

Abigail and her mother would read books so many times over that soon Abigail would "read" the books with her mommy. Then one day Abigail came home from school and she was really reading bedtime stories by herself. This was a joyous occasion. Abigail and her mommy would read bedtime stories together for many happy years. Then Abigail and her mommy would each read their own books snuggled in Abigail's mommy's bed. Abigail's mommy would usually fall asleep and Abigail would use this opportunity to turn off the lights and stay in her mommy's bed all night long.

Well times have changed, Abigail is a tween now, and straightens her curly hair, and would rather read on the internet or play video games than read a bedtime story. Abigail's mom still tries to encourage her to read, but not too much because Abigail wants to do whatever her mom says not to do.

Abigail's mommy is no longer a friend, or a reading buddy, but a parent. A full blown adult who in Abigail's eyes is not as cool as Hannah Montana.

Just when Abigail's mommy thought all hope was lost....................she saw Abigail..................snuggle up on the couch....................and read a bedtime her little baby cousin.


Becca said...

How sweet! and how good to know that you had an influence after all :)

sarala said...

Nice story. It has a very true feel to it.

Kamsin said...

So cute! Stories never lose their magic, no matter how "cool" we think we are!

GoGo said...

nice story. I believe the theme here is sweet. Funny how when we think all is lost and things are done and gone...there it is again.

and welcome to sunday scribblings.

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

I too must say "sweet!"