Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flying Pigs

This is one of the prints in my living room entitled "When Pigs Fly." I haven't a clue why I was drawn to this painting, I find it cute and humorous. The pig looks so darn cute and free (the image above is a poor example). When I looked at this weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt, its the first thing that came to mind. When pigs fly of course, as we all know, is the thing that will never happen. This little pig in the picture above is flying in his own way. Perhaps I feel drawn to this little piggie because in my life, I am trying to fly, despite what the naysayers say. To fly outside the box and do a little more in life than my traditional role as wife, mother, and employee. To recognize my dreams of becoming a musician, and a writer. Like the pig, I am running free, taking the plunge, and make tiny little flights in my own way.


Crafty Green Poet said...

The flying pig is very cute and i like what you say about it.

Marcy said...

Perhaps the fearless little piggie is saying "okay, so maybe I can't fly -- but I can sure as heck jump!!!"