Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Dream Job

By Day: Professor of Nursing

By night: A musician at a piano bar, you know the type where you are handed a stack of napkins to write requests on. Everyone sings along. I have been to some of these places and they are always a hoot. It's a real social atmosphere, and I have met people from all over the globe.

During summers off: A world traveler, a nurse on medical missions

I am currently a nurse in a hospital. It is my second career, and one of the driving factors in becoming a nurse would be to travel to third-world countries and provide medical care to those who so desperately need it. Our health care system in U.S. may not be perfect, but we have systems in place for children to receive vaccinations, and if you have a medical emergency, no hospital can turn you away. I have a friend who went on a medical mission in Belize to do dental work. People started lining up outside the tent at 2am for medical care. Lines stretched out as far a they could see.

So, it's more of a lifestyle choice I am striving for. To be a nursing professor, means I would have the schedule I need to pursue my other dreams. Currently I am in school working on furthering my education.

As far as my night job? Well maybe when I'm retired I can be a coffee shop musician.

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